Supervised Practice

Supervised Practice

Want to improve your golf game? Don’t feel the need for full lessons but want some pointers? Do you desire flexibility and don’t want to commit to weekly scheduled lessons? Need some pointers while practicing at the Range? Read a golf swing article that interested you? Want to get ready for the 2017 golf season?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions “Supervised Practice” is for you. In every other sport, when a player goes to practice, the coach is there to provide drills and feedback on performance.  For the longest time, golf was different. In golf, a student would get instruction and then be sent off to practice on their own until the next lesson. Bob Grissett Golf has changed that idea and offers a number of Supervised Practice Sessions every week.

For existing students, this offers a way to get a tune-up between lessons and a chance to make sure their practice routine is effective. New students, meanwhile, get a mini-lesson, which is often their first exposure to golf instruction. It’s a great way for students to connect with us as coach’s, once you see what effect we can have on your game, you will realize how much more you could get out of full private lessons.

Supervised Practice is designed to have your coach walking the line and spending time with each golfer offering tips and making corrections. observing your golf skills, identifying weaknesses, and giving you a recommended feel or drills for improvement. Thusly, the time spent on the range will maximize your goals and objectives so you can shoot lower scores on the golf course.

Supervised Practice is offered 3 days a week at a designated time. The full session will last 1.5 hours (90 minutes) practicing under the watchful eye of your coach.  Sessions will be held on the driving range, short game area and putting green! This program is for intermediate to advanced golfers! The sessions can be used once a week, twice a week, once a month or whenever suits the player. You can come for the whole 1.5 hours or drop in at any time during the 90-minute Supervised Practice.

Single session $40.00,


Series of 4 $99.00, or


Series of 12 $270.00


(Payment in full required in advance for all series)

*Minimum 3 sign-ups or class is cancelled   **Maximum 5


This free crash course will get you started on the path to better golf!


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