PGA of Spain – Study of the Stack & Tilt golf instruction system with the INEF

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June 6, 2014 – The PGA of Spain and the Facultad de Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte (INEF) of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid have agreed to take part in a study of the Stack & Tilt golf instruction system. It will be the first time that this new scientific method is put through the filter of a European University, the results of which will have international significance.

The PGA of Spain signed an agreement with the INEF of Madrid in June 2012 with two goals: the formation of PGA professional teachers in the field of biomechanics applied to golf, and the continuation of research that the University has been doing in this area.
For this new study, which is pioneer in Europe, the PGA brings the knowledge of its professionals, including José Vicente Pérez, winner of the last PGA Spanish Championship in La Galiana, who has just had a first analysis of his swing; and José Manuel Mancebo, Sports Technician in Golf Nv.1, TPI and TGM, who is responsible for the study and the analysis of the data for publication next autumn. The study will be conducted in the biomechanics laboratory of INEF under the supervision of Enrique Navarro, Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory of the University.

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In recent years, two instructors from the U.S., Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett (among the top 100 golf teachers according to Golf Magazine), have spread the so-called Stack & Tilt, an education system based on 3D movement that can be summarized as ‘how to hit a golf ball in the most efficient and repetitive way possible.’

A new formula that is generating new followers, to the point that several PGA Tour professionals have been tutored by these teachers, such as Steve Elkington, Aaron Baddeley, Tommy Armour III, Mike Weir, Alex Cejka, Tim Herron, Dustin Johnson…

The PGA of Spain and INEF of Madrid will initiate an in-depth field study under the supervision of Andy Plummer and Enrique Navarro, director of the department and designer of the technical protocols that allow the biomechanical study of golf. This research will be developed around four groups of people: a group of golf professionals, one composed by low handicaps, another of high handicaps, and a fourth group of “beginners”, meaning those who have never had any contact with this sport.

STACK & TILT, a revolutionary system
The Stack & Tilt is a system oriented to learn to play golf quick and easily based on the study of the 3D swing (biomechanics, basic movements and the patterns that mark exceptional golfers). “The goal is to find the keys of good golfers and apply them to those who are starting. It’s like an X-ray, or rather, a scan of the golf swing,”says Andy Plummer. “It dissects a swing in full, compares the similarities with the best players in the world, and applies them to the beginners.”

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Straight arms, arms inward, low shoulder, forward force and hip extension. These are the five basic parameters of the golf swing that Plummer and Bennet highlight after years of research and study throughout the history of the sport and its most outstanding golfers. “The idea is to show that golf can be learned in a quick and easy way, that it’s fun and that learning time can be reduced.”

The PGA of Spain sees many advantages for its members in the Stack & Tiltsystem, as it is a simple method with which the professionals can identify their own problems and make minor adjustments for better control of their ball flight. And meanwhile, it is a simple and fast system with which golf instruction professionals can contribute to popularize our sport and bring it closer to the general public.